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Student Life

Welcome to our essential guide to student life, your place to find out exactly what to expect at university. Find out about everything from studying at university to socialising, from managing your money to finding somewhere to live. Also be sure to check out our series of student blogs as we follow a number of current students through their time at university, discussing everything from freshers week and making new friends to exams and dealing with stress.


Studying at University

Whether you are planning to come to university straight from college or returning to academic life after a gap year, you will find that being an undergraduate student is very different to anything you have experienced before.

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Freshers Week

Freshers’ week is the best event in the academic diary and takes place at the start of the year – it’s the opportunity for freshers (new students) to take part in lots of social events, join clubs, make new friends, and get started in uni life. 

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Clubs and Societies

From football and kayaking, to mountain climbing and debating, university has a huge variety of clubs and societies on offer, helping students to settle in to uni life, make new like minded friends and learn new skills – useful additions to your CV for life after university.

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One of the most important aspects of university life is choosing where to live and who to live with. Once you have chosen a university, the next biggest thing is to choose somewhere to live and this is not always an easy choice.

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Managing Your Money

Whilst your finances may not be the most exciting part of university life, managing them well is really important in order for you to have the best time!

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Student Blogs!

Our series of student blogs tell it like it is. From freshers' week to graduation and everything in between. Follow our team of student bloggers as they make their way through university life.

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