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Clubs and Societies

From football and kayaking, to mountain climbing and debating, university has a huge variety of clubs and societies on offer, helping students to settle in to university life, make new like minded friends and learn new skills – useful additions to your CV for life after university.

Whether it is fun, exercise or serious learning you are after, university tends to have so much on offer. Whilst there is every type of sports club imaginable, there are also lots of societies that can compliment the subject you are studying or introduce you to something new that you are interested in. There are drama clubs, business and entrepreneurial societies, charity organisations, and societies like the student newspaper and radio that give you the chance to voice your opinion.

Everything that you get involved with will be worthy of a mention on your CV as it shows you have developed other skills and that you have really engaged in university life. It also shows future employers that you are able to manage multiple responsibilities and work with different groups of people.

Most universities have a Students’ Union which is there to ensure you have the best experience possible. It is usually made up of a bunch of students, including yourself if you wanted to get involved, who are there to advise, entertain, help and support with everything from health issues and housing, to money and any academic problems you may face.