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Disability Advice
Disability Advice

Is a long term health condition or mental health issue putting you off going to university?

Do you want support at university for your dyslexia?


Whatever your impairment, you can sort out your disability support well in advance.

It's really important to have everything you need for a successful university experience in place before you begin your studies.

Top Tips to Transition

Make you move to university as smooth as possible. Download our Top Tips to Transition to help you get the start you deserve.


For further advice and information, have a look at these websites:

For help getting started with the application form:


Download the Aim High, You Can Do It - A Guide For Students with Disabilities Entering Higher Education:


Download 'A Guide for Students with Disabilities Entering Higher Education':


Skill: The National Bureau for Students with Disabilities. This organisation promotes equality in education, training and employment for disabled people:


Ouch: a website from the BBC that reflects the lives and experiences of disable people using blogs, articles, message boards and podcasts:


Information for disabled young people about personal choices and moving on:


Information about support and financial help for disabled students:


Disabled students can enjoy the benefits of Aimhigher and university too!

Get involved!

The Aimhigher programme gives young people the chance to find out more about going to university and life as a student. In West Yorkshire, there are aslo activities organised specifically for students with a disability or additional supprot need.

Examples of recent events are:

  • 2 day Springschool for visually impaired students
  • 2 day Springschool for dyslexic students
  • 2 day Deaf Media Workshop
  • Drama and Dyslexia Day
  • Promotion and Publicity Day
  • Adapted Adventure Day

All the above events involved visits to a university campus, course taster sessions, the chance to meet students like you, the opportunity to take part in university sports, and generally find out loads about what going university and being a student is all about.

Here's what people said about the events:

  • "I enjoyed doing all the drama"
  • "I enjoyed meeting other people like me"
  • "I enjoyed getting to know people"
  • "It was fabulous"
  • "I have enjoyed this wonderful experience"
  • "It is so fun I want to do it again!!!"
To find out more about Aimhigher and the opportunities available, contact your Aimhigher organiser in school.