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Writing Your Personal Statement

The most important part of your university application is your personal statement, and a good or bad personal statement can be the difference between getting a place at university and not doing. This is your chance to persuade an admissions tutor to give you a place, so it's important to really sell yourself.

Remember to make sure that your personal statement is clear, succinct and confident. It's your chance to really show them why they want you so it's important to stress why you're perfect for the course, your academic strengths and your enthusiasm for studying this subject at degree level.


Things to Include:

  • Why you've chosen the course - what is it that interests you about the subject?
  • About any jobs, work experience or placements you've had in your chosen field. If these inspired you to choose this degree - tell them why.
  • About any non-accredited qualifications - did you do Young Enterprise or Duke of Edinburgh? They want to know about it and what you learnt from it.
  • About anything else you've achieved, for example, have you got any Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network awards?
  • Mention the Progression Module and how it has developed your skills and encouraged you to make an informed decision about your future.
  • About anything you're proud of that shows you can knuckle down and apply yourself - like running a marathon or raising money for charity.
  • About anything that shows you've got initiative.
  • About your future - what are your long term career aspirations?
  • If you've got any sponsorships or placements from a company already.
  • Why - if you're taking one - you're having a gap year.
  • About anything interesting from your progress file or National Record of Achievement.
  • About your social, sports and leisure interests - they want well-rounded people after all.
  • Your skills, abilities and strengths (backed up with examples).  

Hints and Tips

Here are some suggestions for your personal statement which might help to form a clear, straight to the point set of sentences which describe you, but avoids the repetition of sentences that begin with ‘I’ .

“Over the last 2 years, I feel I have developed the ability to…”

“Useful experiences for me have been …”

“Being a highly motivated student I …”

“My ability to …………………. has proved useful for …”

“My enthusiasm for …………………., has enabled me to …”

“My ambitions are …”

“Relating well to younger students, I…”

“My experiences of …………………………… have enabled me to…”

“In terms of my personal qualities I feel I am best/well suited to …”

“Over the last 2 years I have contributed to …. helping me to gain …”

“Helping with ….. has enabled me to develop an understanding of …”

“Helping with … has enabled me to develop good relationships with …”

“My ability to research topics widely is shown by …”

“With my experiences of ………….I have …”

"Being in control of my own progress ……………….has helped me to show that I can be …….(e.g. responsible)”


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